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Week 47 Reading assignment

Thank you for all your submitted answers concerning the novel An unarranged marriage. My comments to your answers will be found as "kommentar" as well". I have noticed that only some of you have been active and are following the course. Keep up the good work and next week it is time for us to meet in class again between 16-18. I'll meet you in the reception as last time. Please prepare your assignment for week 48. We will discuss the novel in class orally, sit a vocabulary test and listen to your wedding speeches. Novel nr two will be introduced as well.

Assignment for week 47: Deadline: 20 November

1) Tell me how you have coped with the learning of the words for the novel and how you like the Quizlet link - practise words online.

2) How did you score on the Online Novel Quiz?

3) What do you think about the author's language in the novel?

4)How did Manny manage to get out of his relatives' house without being seen?

5) Which person do you think is the most interesting one? Why?

6) What appealed to you in this novel?

7) Was there something you didn't like in the story?

8) Which episode in the novel do you remember the most?

9) What is Manny's real name and why does he hate it?

9) What have you learnt during this reading journey?

10) What would you like to change in the novel?

11) Describe and characterise Uncle Jag please.

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  2. 1)I learn very quickly so I’ve just read them over some times and I’ve looked at the Quizlet link - practise words online. The link was very good and useful and it was easy to understand and it helped me to learn J
    2)I got them all right!

    3)I like it because it really feels like it’s a teenager telling it. It is not that old fashioned language and it is easy to understand. His language make the book more interesting and more credible and I love the way Manny and Ady plays with different words. Their funny accents would have been so good on film.

    4)Uncle Jag putted something in Mannys familys food so that they fell asleep for a while. During their sleeping Manny went out of the house.

    5)I think Manny is the most interesting character, mostly because of his determinedness and courage. I also think it is very interesting to follow his life of revolt and his way of becoming an adult.

    6)That it was so exciting and made me wanna read more and more. I liked the story about arranged marriages and since that is what happens in the real world it made me shiver a couple of times.

    7)Well, I didn’t like that Mannys life was already decided and that he had to marry. :P … Ehm, I actually thought that the book was very well written and it did not miss anything so I don’t have any comments at this question.

    8)I think I have to say the one when Manny finds out that his family has leaved him in India cause they wanted to. The anger that is described in that page really made me become one with the book and I felt so angry too. I felt so sorry for Manny and I think I remember that episod the most cause it made my feelings explode a bit :P

    9)His real name is Manjit and he doesn´t like it because it´s a Punjabi name and he wants to be as far away from that culture as possible.

    9)I have learn how arranged marriages actually works and how miserable they can make people. I have learn about the Punjabi culture and I have learn to see that there is a difference between Punjabis and Punjabis. Just because they belong to the same culture is doesn’t mean that they act the same or value the same things in the religion.

    10)Actually nothing!

    11)He is an outstanding Punjabi just like Manny and he was not that ”good Punjabi” as his brothers were. He has a big role in the book since he is one of them who is helping Manny so that he will be able to live the life of his own.

  3. 1)
    I haven´t looked at it, but I´m going to on Saturday.

    Ten out of ten;) Not that difficult if you read the book.

    It´s easy to read, not to easy but not too hard, good for me. I liked what Sandra said about their accents would have been good on film.

    Uncle Jag gave the family some weed in the food to send them asleep for some time. Then Mohans nephew, Bahadur came with a white car and picked up Manny and Jag, to drive them to Delhi.

    The most interesting person is Manny if you ask me. Only because it is mostly he the book is about. His family, life and adventures. How he is going to manage getting out of the marriage.

    I have never cared about religions, but reading this book made me see how the Punjabi is like. At first I thought it was going to be boring to read the book, but it wasn´t. It was very good written, interesting. I recommend this book to people who think life is tough, because after reading this book you know that you´re not living more worse than many people in the world:/

    I didn´t like that Manny got beaten up by his father. When they left him in India. That they were forcing Manny to get married at 17 years age.
    But all these things are just normal in their religion. It had to happen so that we who read the book understand how they live their lives.

    Chapter twenty-six. It´s the day Manny is going to escape India. Uncle Jag is helping him.

    Manjit is his real name. He wants to get away from the Punjabi culture, his name is a Punjabi name, that’s why he hates it.

    I don´t know. It was a good and interesting book as it is.

    He is about Manny´s father´s height and has long, curly hair down to his shoulders. He was dressed normally (as Manny is dressed when he is in England). He speaks perfect English. He has a girlfriend, Nancy, who lives in Sydney with their child Mia.
    Jag never got married at 17. He got an education and then went away rather than stay and become a Jat´. He went to Delhi, to university.

    Jag is like someone Manny can look up to. Jag never got married. He went his own way, did what he self wanted to do. He was free and could make his own decisions.
    That´s what Manny wants in life, live free and make his own decisions.

  4. 1.
    I've been quite ill for a few days so I haven't really been in the mood to check it out.. But I'll look into it as soon as possible, I assure you.

    All answers was correct, 10/10.

    I find it quite cool. It's not that stiff and boring, it's a relaxed way of speaking. Most people have their own way of talking in real life aswell, so it really reflected real life.

    Uncle Jag put some weed into the food that the relatives stuffed themselves full off. They all passed out, and it was free for Manny to walk out the front door.

    Dunno, Manny I guess. He's the front man, the one you get to know a lot. He is such a strong person aswell. I'd probably get a breakdown if I'd live his life.

    The way that it shows us that no matter what, always follow your own will. That you in the end won't be satisfied with what others tell you, it'll only bring you down.

    To be honest, there wasn't much. It was thrilling and good until the end. And it really had me jumping from time to time.

    The part where Uncle Jag discussed with Manny about living his own life. Or well, every part where Uncle Jag was around actually. He really turned up the volume.

    Manjit is his real name. By changing it, he can get away from the culture that he despise. The culture that brought depression to his world.

    I'd like to change it to something thats closer to hand. Something that actually happens in my life, something I can relate to. I still want the whole 'Live your life the way you want it' philosophy though.

    Lets put a face on him then, eh?
    Jag is about Manny's fathers length, whatever that is. And he has long, curly hair which went all the way down to his shoulders. He dresses like a Regular Englishman, wearing Adidas sweatshirt and nike trainers etc. Obviously, he looks a lot like Mannys father and has the same voice, however, his english is pure.
    He grew up in the Punjabi region. He then left for Delhi to study at the university, and then to a college in Chandigarh. He got a job, and kept on moving around getting new jobs and stuff. Most of it was about Agriculture.
    He lives in Australia, in Sydney and Canberra. He got a girlfriend, Nancy. She lives in Sydney with their daughter, Mia.

    Jag is a quite laid back person. He does what he enjoys in life and nevermind what others might think about it. He is the perfect rolemodel for Manny, and he enter his life with great timing.

  5. 1) I've read the words a couple of times and then tried the quizlet link, it was nice. A good way to learn the words.

    2) Scored 85% the first time, then 100%.

    3) I don't like the language t all. Its understandable and all but it just doesn't speak to me. He makes the book much more booring than it could (or should) be.

    4) Jag prepared the familys food with some weed so that they would fall asleep, then Bahadur picked up Manny and Jag.

    5) Ady I think. He's Mannys best friend but you still don't get to know that much about him, I would like to know more.

    6) Not much actually. Maybe Mannys will to live his own life, but I think another author would have done a better job anyhow.

    7) Apart from the obvious things like how Manny was treated by his family? Well I don't know, it was okay I guess.

    8) The part where Manny and Ady starts to rebel. When they show up drunk in school and all that.

    9) His real name is Manjit, and he hates it because its a Punjabi name.

    10) I would change the description of the characters feelings or something. I donät know what it is but it bothers me that I don't "get stuck" with the novel, the novel actually bores me. (Which is odd, because I love reading.)

    11) Jag has got long curly hair and looks pretty much like Mannys father, but speaks better English. Jag grew up in the Punjabi region and went to the university in Dehli, and college in Chandigarh.

    (Sorry for the delay, didn't get any time to write this during the week.)


  6. 1: Ehh, oh I felt like I didn´t know anything....I have too learn them...

    2: Hmm, haha I´m going to do them tomorrow again and then I will promise you that I going to have them all right..

    3: It was really good, like teenage language. I like it.

    4: His uncle Jag pu some weed in the paratha that he made for them for breakfeast.

    5: Of course I will pick Manny, because his the main character and we follow him through the whole storie.

    6: That life is hard and if you want something then you have to fight for it.

    7: YEEAAH! I didn´t like that the family forced him to marry the girl from India. that Harry hit Manny many times. That Manny´s family was false to Manny. That it wasn´t Manny and Lisa on the end.

    8:I dont know, I remeber the big stuff, like how Manny escaped from India and what his father did when he came back to Englad.How hi escaped from the wedding. That Ady told Manny that Sarah was pregnant.

    9: Oh! That you have to fight for freedom and that there are people out there in the real world who have it like Manny and worse.

    10: Nothing, because if I would it would be true...Nothing can be perfect!

    11: He wasn´t that fat, but stil. He had long curly hair and he was just like Manny´s father on the outside and like Manny on the inside. He did his choice when he left his family to do what ever he wanted to. He was rich and he had a girlfriend and a daughter. He study and became something good.

  7. whait a sec! i got 10 of 10 to the questions about the novel just s you know, i meant the other thing, quislet link, i had problem with that one..I was bad with the words..But Iwill learning them for next time.

  8. 1. Quizzlet was actually fun, didn't like the fact that the translation to "cigarett" was *** though. -_-''

    2. Um.. First 9/10 ^__^'' and then 10/10.

    3. I guess it was ok, maybe a little too much slang.

    4. Uncle Jag put some weed in his famely's food to send them to sleep for a while.

    5. Hmm.. I'm going to have to say Ady, 'cause he's very entertaining and I would really like to get to know some more about him.

    6. Uhmm.. To be honest, not that much, maybe Ady. I'm more into fantasy books. ^___^

    7. Didn't I sort of answer that when I answered question number 6? There was no vampires or ghosts or.. magic., everything was real. Too real. (a)

    8. When Manny trashed Harry's and his room, it was AWESOME!

    9. Manjit, he doesn't like it because it's a girl's name. (But in the quizz it was because it was a Punjabi name and he doesn't like his culture and all that.. -_-)

    9. Some new weird words that I'll never use. ^___^

    10. I'd put some vampires in it and some magical stuff. And the ending totally sucked. Boooring.

    11. I guess he's sort of a rebel too. He's got a 5-year-old daughter named Mia and a girlfriend named Nancy who live in Australia. Jag moves around alot because of his job. He's the black sheep in the family because he didn't want the punjabi life, he wanted to get an education.

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  10. 1. It was good I learned a lot actually! The quizes online went good,I managed it!

    2. Very well acutally, it wasn't hard.

    3.It was not hard, I could understand it, there was no problem.

    4.Uncle Jag put some weed in his famely's food to send them to sleep for a while.

    5.Jag, because he's very cool, he helped Manny alot :P

    6.Actually to be honest, I thought the novel was OK! It wasn't that exiting.... but it was possible to read it

    7.That his parents did not care so much about him. But the best was that he did not care so much.
    about it.I felt sorry for him that he had to share a room with the fat and ugly guy (haha).
    I dont think that he should get married that young eather. They should not decide when he will marry.

    8.I remember best when Lisa falls for Manny. And he can’t believe his luck.
    Lisa appears to be totally perfect, but she has to learn that Manny comes from a completely different culture.

    9.His real name is Manjit, and he hates it because its a Punjabi name.

    9.I've learned many new words, which I could not before. Then you should not force anyone to marry.
    I should read more english books I think. (haha) the book was not so bad after all....

    10.The dismal picture of the book, then a bit more interesting facts at the beginning of the book.
    So you have an idea what the book will be about.

    11.He helped Manny alot, he was a very kind person.
    We was a cool uncle..... ;D

  11. 1. I liked it. It was actually fun to learn for a change. :P

    2. I got them all right!

    3. Over all it was easy to understand, but in the dialogues between Manny and Ady or Manny and his brothers there were alot of slang and I had a hard time to figure out what some meant.

    4. His uncle Jag helped him. He put weed in the families food so they feel asleep.

    5. I will have to say Jag. It's most because you don't know much about him and he's sort of a saving angle for Manny. That's quite cool.

    6. Maybe that it is about another culture? I didn't know that they were so strikt about everything.

    7. This wasn't a book that I would normally read and I found it quite boring. You sort of knew right from the begining that he would escape and what's the fun in that?

    8. It was when Manny and Jag escaped. It happend something. XP

    9. He real name is Manjit. He hates it because it's a Punjabi name, but I think it also was because there were a girl in his class with the same name.

    9. Many new words and some things about their culture.

    10. I would like some more action! Like... Mannys father being thrown in jail for abuse or something.

    11. He is sort of an older version of Manny. He's a rebell, who has gonne his own way and I think he's quite happy. He travells alot and he has a daughter and wife who lives in Australia.

  12. 1, Very good it takes time sometimes.

    2,GOOD at first time hehe.

    3)Its good but its hard sometimes when Manny and Ady talks New York accent. But besides that its good.

    4)Its was Uncle Jag who put weed on the family food aahha. That was very nice if him.
    5)I think Ady beacuse threw Mannys father and brothers opinions about him. But he didint care.

    6,They allways have to follow the traditions. And they are not so fair sometimes.

    7)Its wasent to interesting to me. I dont know its not my kind of book I read. But one thing I likes when he talk bad thing aboute his family haha.

    8) The first one. Because he tells aboute his family and aboute his life.

    9,Mannys real name is Manjit. And he hates it beacuse it is a girl name and Ranjit his older brother know that he hate that and still calls him Manjit. He has a girl in his school names Manjit and his classmates make fun of him.

    9,I have learned about their culture and how difficult it must follow otherwise they may be consequences. Let no one decide on what to do with your life.
    He shoulde have beat Harry and his Father really hard to have let the destruction of Mannys childhood

    11)Uncle Jag was very nice to Manny beacuse he dosent want Manny to be hurt by his family. He want the best for Manny. MAnny wants the life Uncle Jag have.

  13. "Uncle Jag put some weed in his famely's food to send them to sleep for a while."


  14. I read them over sometimes and tried to memorize them, and practise online so it went very well I think!

    Almost all of them right 80% ;)

    I didn’t like it very much because it felt like old English, I like the American accent better because it is easier to understand. But I liked that he used “young” words also and that was what makes it easier to understand. And it is funny when Manny and Ady plays with their accent and uses different words. I could imagine this book like a movie really :)

    Uncle Jag put something into the families food so that they fell asleep for a
    while. When they all fell asleep Manny took the opportunity and went out with the others.

    Manny is the most interesting character , because he is very brave and is not afraid to speak when he see that something is wrong even though he can’t do much about it he is still not afraid to speak out and it is nice to see how he develops into a man.

    That it was very interesting and educating about the cultural differences that we have among us. I liked this story because it was nice to read about arranged marriages because it usually happens these days. And you don’t really know what happens in these cases but when you read this book you get the chance to know more about these situations.

    I didn’t like that Manny couldn’t decide about his own life and that he wasn’t allowed to make decisions that was about his life. And his life was already decided and that he had to marry a girl he didn’t want.

    I think the part when Manny destroys his brother’s stuff. It feels good to see that he can get his revenge, because they really make his life to a living hell. He is like a balloon that just blows up when it is too full.

    His real name is Manjit and he doesn’t like it because it is a Punjabi name, and he tries to get as far away from the culture as possible.

    I have learned that if you are trapped in a family with arranged marriages you have to talk with someone and try to figure it out somehow. I also learned that the persons that are involved have a very horrible life and it is very hard to live with a person you don’t want. And I have learned a lot about the culture and how things are done.

    Nothing special !

    He is a very special Punjabi not very different from Manny, he wasn’t a “good” Punjabi as his brothers were. He is the one helping Manny through it all and helps him being independent. He has a big role in the book and is a person you can relate too and look up to.

  15. 1 and 2. I've read the words over and over again until It felt like I remembered them. It is the easiest way to learn the words, for me.
    But I went curious about the quiz let and the result was 10/10 obvious.

    The author's language didn't attracted me at all. I like to read a book when the author uses a good language. By his language he makes his book less interesting.

    His uncle Jag put weed in the family’s food, one after one they all passed out. So after that Manny could walk out the front door easily.

    I guess I think Manny is the most interesting person. But that's just because he is the main character and I get to read a lot more of him then the rest of his family’s and friends.

    Well this wasn't really my favourite book but if I would pick one thing it would be that no matter what Manny always chose what he want. He doesn't care about what other
    people thinks’.

    A very obvious thing was when his parents forced him to marry a stranger girl from India.
    His family wasn't looking for his best and that in the end it didn't become Manny and Lisa.

    The part when Manny starts to rebel, when he shows up drunk in school and similar things with his friend Ady.

    9) What is Manny's real name and why does he hate it? Manjit, he hates it because it's a Punjabi name.

    That how arranged marriages works and how the people who is living like that feels.
    And that people must fight for their right's! Other people cant decide over you.

    I love to read books that are related to me, it's harder to understand others culture and stuff. But it's also great to learn some more about religions around the world.

    Jag is Manny's fathers length, he has curly hair and looks like Manny’s father. He talks good English and moves around for different jobs all the time. He also got a girlfriend, here name is Nance and lives in Sydney.

    I'm terrible sorry for the delay! I'll be better at it, promise :)

  16. 1. I just read them over a few times, I learn really quick. The Quizlet link was good, a different way of learning.

    2. I got ten out of ten :)

    3. I liked it, he express everything in his own way, and you can tell that he is a teenager. But some things that he writes in his own way might be hard to understand.

    4. Uncle Jag put some weed in their food so they fell asleep for a while, so they escaped during that time.

    5. Manny of course, the way he think of different things and the things that he does or things he wants to do is interesting to follow in the book.

    6. All the drama in Manny's life, I couldn't wait to come to the end of the book to know if he would get married or not.

    7. Hm.. I can't think of anything right now, or just that sometimes he writes uninteresting things in too much details.

    8. Chapter 21 I think, when he realises that his family have left him in India. That's also when he gets a letter from Jas.

    9. I've learnt more about the culture and I see it in a different perspective than before. And of course new words!

    10. There's nothing I'd like to change, it's good as it is.

    11. Jag reminds a bit of Manny's father in appearance. And he has typical clothes like a regular Englishman. He also speak english.
    He's almost been through the same things as Manny. Jag is not much part of his family anymore since he desided to live his own life, to be free. He says that you must think for your own good no matter what it costs. He encourages Manny to do what he wants, and helps him to be where he is today.