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A summary

Summarise the newspaperarticle The Columbine Massacre in your own words please.
Deadline: 1 December

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  1. Two high-school seniors on April 20, 1999 did a massacre. It was Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who planed to kill a hundred peeople at school time. they had planed all before and they just waited for the lunchtime to do it. They was like other students. They both were intelligent. But what I don´t get is why they did such a thing when they said that they hated star wars fans. They becam like the people in star wars when they did a massacre. So if they hated the fans who loved star wars, did they kill like the game just to be loved? to get a revenge? but why to kill to get it then? I don´t think it was the right thing to do, not to kill. They could do anything else instead to kill.

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  3. On April 20, 1999, in the small, surban town of Littleon, Colorado.
    Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris their plan was to kill hundreds of heir peers. With guns, knives, and multitude of bobms, the two boys walked the hallways and killed.
    The boys were both intelligent, came from solid homes with two parents.
    Both enjoyed working with computers.
    The boys meet each other while attending Ken Caryl Middle School in 1993. Klebold and Harris seemed to spend their time doing normal, teenager activities. Looking back Dylan and Eric obviously weren't your average teenagers.
    Early as 1997 the both had begun thinking about a large massacre as early as Aprill 1998- a full year before the actual event.
    On January 30, 1998, the boys were arrested for breaking into a van. They were making plans for the large massacre at there school. They were some angry teenagers. The hated everyone.
    They wrote about killing and retaliation in each other's yearasbook.

    I dont know why they killed??
    It's kind of a stupid thing to do!!
    They could do something else, instead of that.

  4. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were both teenagers. Teenagers who liked to play computer games and who had played soccer and baseball in elementary school. They went to the Columbine High School, Colorado, where they both were kind of picked on by athletes and others. The two boys met each other in 1993 and became friends forever. They did everything together and as the years went by they both became full of hate. They hated the ones who bullied them and they hated the world. And without talking to anyone about their problems they started planning a massacre at their school.
    1999, on April 20, they came to school with weapons like knives, guns and booms, bought from the internet, and they killed 12 students, one teacher and themselves in a massacre which had been planned for a year. They wanted to kill hundreds of people and in documents written by Eric and Dylan they describes their plan, adding feelings, and talks about all their hate. The date of the massacre was the date of Adolf Hitlers birthday. Besides the massacre the two teenager boys had broken into a van, but they were so terrible sorry that nobody ever would suspect anything about murdering people.
    This article is so frustrating. Those boys were only teenagers and they were intelligent and friendly people. Friendly people with so much secrets and hate inside. What makes those people murdering innocent humans? It makes me so angry not knowing what is going on inside of those people. How are we ever suppose to stop this kind of massacres if the people who make them only shows their feelings in letters.

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  6. The newspaper article, Columbine Massacre, is about how the two high-school senior boys (Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris) plan to kill hundreds of their school friends. They came both from a good home with two parents. They were intelligent boys who had met each other in 1993 in school. They liked to work with computers, play baseball and soccer. Klebold and Harris seemed to do stuff on their spare time that was normal for their age. But they were angry teenagers. There were only a handful of people they liked, the other people they hated.
    Harris had written, I hate the fucking world, on his journal.

    In 1997 Klebold started to think about committing suicide. He and Harris started in April 1998 planning a large-scale massacre.
    After 11.15 a.m , the school cafeteria would be crowded with over 500 students. A perfect place to put a bomb.

    The date they had planned was on April 20, 1999. They had guns, knives and 99 explosive devices. That day they went to school wearing trench coats, to hide the weapons.

    Klebold and Harris managed to kill only twelve students and one teacher. They also killed themselves. Only? It is way too many if you ask me. There shouldn´t been anyone dead. It´s wrong to kill. But luckily it wasn´t more people who died. These kind of tragedies are just so horrible:(

  7. Its aboute two teenage boys Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. The are smart student, and one thing that cross the line was when the boys killed hundred of their peers. The boys killed them with knives, guns and bobs. They killed everyone who came in their way.
    Eric and Dylan came from two normal families.
    They are like two normal teenagers that did evreything normal things that teenagers do in their age. But that did soon change. In the boys mind they had allways thinking aboute a large massacre as early as April 1995. That was a full year before the actual event. The boys are now for sure what they will do on their school.
    In fact wasent happy teenagers they hated everyone.
    After killing twelve students and one teacher
    And last they killed themself.

    I dont know why they killed so many student then killed themself. I mean what was the entire plan killing evreyone. Their whole story was very disturbed and they had no reason to kill innocent people.

  8. The article, the Columbine Massacre, is about the massacre that took place in 1999, the 20th of April. It happened on the Columbine High School in Littleton. The ones that did the horrible act was Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, two teenagers that on the outside seemed perfectly normal.
    However, they proved to be quite the opposite. They were both very angry and had a lot of hate inside.
    The boys gathered up guns, knives and bombs for a year, and in 1999, they had enough weapons to execute their plan. To slay hundreds of students in their school.
    Dressed in Trench coats they entered the school the 20th of April, Hitler's birthday, and managed to kill twelve students, one teacher aswell as commiting suicide.

  9. Two high-school senoirs, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold planned to kill hundreds of their peers with guns, knives and bombs. By the end of the day, twelve students, one teacher and the two boys where dead. But who would do such a thing?

    Eric and Dylan where both intelligent with an interest of computers, they played sport such as baseball and soccer. Yes they where two ordinary boys who lived in a little town in Colorado. They met each other in 1993 and became friends forever. They shared everything together and even worked on the same pizza parlor after school and on the weekends. Best friends right?

    The years went by and they both became full of anger and hate. They planned a large massacre, to kill hundred people during the school day. The day that Eric and Dylan had planned to kill was the date of Adolf Hitlers birthday. I don't get how they could do such a thing, or even think about it. I think that they where very selfish that killed other people who where totally innocent.

  10. On April 20, 1999 two teenagers named Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold performed a horrid massacre in the Columbine High School, Littleton, Colorado. The attack costed the lives of twelve students, one teacher and the two young boys. They had gathered several weapons, and bombs. The attack was very well planned and they had even studied when there would be as many people as possible in the school cafeteria. They begun thinking about doing a massacre as early as April 1998. "On the surface" they were normal teenagers, but on the inside they carried much hate. On the front page of Eric Harris's journal he wrote:
    "You know what I hate?
    Star Wars fans: get a friggin life, you booring geeks.
    You know what I hate?
    People who mispronounce words, like 'acrost,' and 'pacific' for 'specific,' and 'expresso' instead of 'espresso.'
    You know what I hate?
    People who drive slow in the fast lane, God these people do not know how to drive.
    You know what I hate?
    The WB network!!!! Oh Jesus, Mary Mother of God Almighty, I hate that channel with all my heart and soul."

  11. (Just a remark: A summarization isn't supposed to contain any of your own thoughts, it's just a shorter version of the original text, with your own words. Right?)

  12. The infamous Columbine massacre was the horrible deed done by two misfit teenagers, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, in the spring of 1999.
    Their plan was to kill hundreds of the students at their school, with homemade bombs,knives and firearms.
    And the weird thing was, none saw this coming!
    Eric and Dylan were just like all other young people, which would turn out completely false at the cost of the lives of one teacher, twelve students and Eric and Dylan.
    But what made these guys do it?
    I mean, they were just like any other teenage boy. They went to sports togheter, they both played computergames and they both worked a bit at the local pizza parlor.
    Well, after the massacre people found disturbing notes and movies left by them, saying stuff like "You know what I hate? Star Wars fans: Get a friggin life, you boring geeks" or "You know what I hate? People who drive slow in the fast lanes, God these people do not know how to drive".
    The reason why these kids did all these horrible acts will probably never be known, so I guess the only thing we can do is to learn not to judge the book by the cover.

  13. Sorry for posting this so late after the deadline, I seem to have lost the newspaperarticle you gave me.. but I'll try to summarize it using the facts the others have written (but in my own words, of course).

    On april the 20th, Hitler's birthday, 1999 two high school seniors went to school (Columbine High School, Littleton, Colorado) planning to end their lives and taking as many as they could with them. They'd brought guns, knives and homemade bombs that they had been gathering up for a year and were wearing trench coats to hide it all. At the end of the day twelve students, one teacher and both of the boys, who were named Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, were no longer alive.

  14. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are two high school seniors who together planned to come to the school and kill as many people as possible with guns, knives and bombs. They wanted to kill students, teachers and all the other at school. They didn’t succeed to kill that many but 12 students, one teacher and the two boys died that day. They were both very smart and had many interests. They did everything together, they even worked at the same pizzeria after school. The years flew away and they planned this huge massacre the same day as Hitler’s birthday. They hated everyone and thought that every single person is stupid. The left evidence so that everyone could see what they thought and why they did it. But their reason is definitely not a good reason. It is a stupid and selfish thing to do.

  15. In 1999 the 20th of April two young teenagers, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, planed to kill hundreds of people in their school. They walked threw the hallways and killed. In all they manage to kill 12 students and one teacher.
    Eric and Dylan were sort of best friends. They did everything togheter and both of them seemed to be normal teenagers. But they were picked on and had problem to fit in with the others.
    In 1998 Eric and Dylan were arrested for breaking into a van and after that they began a juvenile diversion program. They convinced everybody that they were sorry for what they done, but at the same time they were planning the massacre.
    So why did they do it? Because they hated every one. But still I can't really understand what can drive a person to do a such a horrible thing.
    Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold died that day, taking their on lives.