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What are your absolute dating no-no's?

Having read the extract Meet Mark in your Blueprint coursebook p.11-15 you are to express your opinion on nr 1 Reflect and Share p. 16. What are your absolute dating no-no's? Make a list of three things that you consider absolutely out of the question on the first date. Please comment on one of the lists of your coursemates as well. Go to "kommentar" and activate that link and write your thoughts about someone else's no-no list.

Deadline: 1 March

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  2. Listen & React
    1)Beacuse Mark is a rich,lawyer and of course Divorce.
    2)Bridget felt so dragged into to meet Mark.
    3)She felt that Mark was to perfect for her and that he is arrogant and rude.
    4) She didint want him to make it perfectly obious to evreyone that he didint want it to

    Dating no-no`s
    2)Being selfish.
    3)Talking about kids and marriage on your first date.

  3. Listen & React
    1,Mark is rich, devorced, and he is a lawyer.
    2, Bridget she just had to meet Mark..
    3, She thought that Mark was rich and perfect.
    4, She dident want him to make it obvious to everyone..

    NO-NO list.
    1,DRINK to much
    2,Beeing selfish and talk only about himself.
    3,Talk about uninteresting things, look at me when I talk.

  4. (I wasn't sure wether to post my answers to read & React here, but since Antigona and Albulena did it I'll do the same.)

    Read & React:
    1, Bridget's mother thinks of Mark as a succesful young man and would love it if her daughter got together with a guy like that.

    2, Bridget thinks that it is uncomfortable to be set up to meet Mark. And the fact that her mothers attempts at getting her will are so obvious aren't helping.

    3, Bridget thinks that Mark is snooty. And she didn't like his V-neck diamond pattern sweater in shades of yellow and blue, because that is what elderly sports reporters wear according to her.

    4, In my mind Bridget is still not comfortable with her mothers attempts at getting her together with Mark, so she doesn't want Mark to drive her home.

    Reflect & Share:
    "Dating no-no's":
    1, The date being more interested in other guys.
    2, Constantly talking about ex-boyfriends, as if she wasn't over them.
    3, Spending more time on fixing the hair or make-up than getting to know me.

  5. Read & React

    1. Because Mark is a successful young lawyer, comes from a rich family and just got divorced.

    2. Everyone makes it look like Bridget is desperate for a relationship which makes it all very uncomfortable for her. It does not help that her family and friends are all watching them.

    3. He was wearing a diamond patterned V-neck in shades of yellow and blue which, according to Bridget, made him look like an elderly.

    4. She declined, telling him she would be taking a train in the morning.

    Reflect & Share

    Dating no-no's:
    1. Awkward silences.
    2. Interrupting me 24/7.
    3. Having no sense of humor.

  6. I doubt that Read&React was supposed to be here.. so I won't post it here. Got the feeling that we would bring up the answers in class.
    Anyway, here's my no-no's:

    1. Silly clothing such as several different strong coloured cloth parts (jeans, t-shirts etc.) aswell as inappropriate clothing.
    2. Going to a Museum
    3. Shy girls ain't my thing either.

    I choose to comment Timmy's Dating No-no's list. And I must say that I agree with you on all parts. Narcissistic girls are lame, even though it's cool when they talk a bit about themselves.

  7. Read & React

    1. Briget is singel and her mum and her friend Una thinks that Mark would be the perfekt guy for her. He is rich and just divorced. Perfect! XP

    2. It was her mum that wanted Bridget to meet Mark so I think she felt a bit forced and it didn't help that she was surrounded with her parents friends.

    3. She doesn't like his clothes and she thinks that he is behaving snooty.

    4. She says no and explains to him that she was going to take the train in the morning.


    1. Compere your date to your ex, which you are clearly not over.
    2. Moving too fast, you shouldn't say I love you on the first date. It might scare your date.
    3. Talk about yourself all the time. You should listen to what she/he has to say also.

  8. Read & React:
    1, Bridget's mother thinks that Mark is a perfect man for her daughter, just because he is a successful lawyer and comes from a very rich family.

    2, It is uncomfortable for Bridget because her mother makes it look like Bridget is desperate for a relationship. Which she's not!

    3, Mark is very rich so Bridget thinks he is snooty. She also hated his V-neck diamond pattern sweater, that was to elderly according her.

    4, She declines him when he ask if he could drive her home, she is still not comfortable with everything.

    Dating no-no's:

    1. Lame boys who can't live without their computer or their mother.
    2. Sturdy guys who really think that they are smarter and better than every one else.
    3. Weak and shy boys with no sense of humor at all.

  9. I wont post my answers here from Read&React because we were not supposed to.

    Dating no-no's

    1. Going to a concert to see an artist which I don't like at all.

    2. Shy boys with no sence of humour at all, who seems to be afraid everytime we are talking to each other.

    3. Careless of his clothing and hygiene

  10. my dating no-no's

    1. weak boys that can´t stand up for themselves or for me.

    2. Uninterested guys who always talks about themselves and doesn’t bother to know anything about me

    3. A guy with no sense of humor