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w. 51 Blueprint B The Seeds of Evil

For this week you are to read a text in Blueprint B called The Seeds of Evil by Michael Medved. The topic is violent videos and TV programmes and how they are changing children's childhood. Hollywood's impact on society can sometimes be devastating! Deadline December 16.

Read the article pp. 73-75 carefully and answer the questions p. 76:

Read and React:

1) One teacher notices a major difference when it comes to stories her students choose to tell. What is the difference from before?

2) Mr Medved, the author of the article argues, "tens of millions of people watch brutal entertainment" without ever doing the same thing in real life. But a few do. How does he support his argument?

3) The article admits, restricted access to firearms and new efforts to tackle violent videos will not change society overnight. Is it still worth implementing? If so why? What is your reaction?

Refelct and Share:

1) What is the thesis statement in the article, the main point Mr Medved is trying to make? Try writing it out in one simple sentence.

2) Considering the pros and cons in this article, where do you stand in this debate? Do you know of more arguments that might shed light on the question of entertainment and its undesired effects on children - or on any of us?

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  2. 1)
    A lot of the stories have been changed into tales of blood and gore, violence aswell as death. Except for the regular stories, such as Winnie the Pooh etc.

    By explaining that even though a Lexus or a Jaguar advertiser doesn't actually make everyone buy one, it's still enough to make a few buy one. By that he means that even though everyone isn't influenced by the violence and brutalism in the movies of today a few still are. And in the end, those few grow to many.

    I agree that it won't change society overnight. But needless to say, it'll still be very helpful and very much needed. If they are holding back laws for firearms, then I gotta say that they are stupid.. By just trying they move a bit closer to success.

    Reflect and Share:

    That the minds of kids and teenagers now-a-days is getting twisted by violence and gore movies, which means they should be less violent.

    I never really took a stand here. As it always has been and always should be, the responsibility should be on the parents. It worked before, and it would still work. The problem, I'd say, is the parents. Of course it is wrong to stamp every parent with this mark, but how you're raised is actually one of the major things that create you and make you who you are.
    I find movies and entertainment,as it is, great. I wouldn't want less blood or anything, what we need is not to sort out the good stuff to make the bad people good. It won't work. Bad people will stay bad, good people stay good. There's no need to be fooled.

  3. 1:Which STORIES?

    2: The people who do the things are not so many but still there are some people who does it and they can became more and more.

    3: Yes, The video will at least help one person in the world so I think it´s worth it...

    reflect and share:

    1: That young people now are getting worse faster than before

    2:The parents raise their children and then when the children are enough adults they choose their own path. But the parents raise have a bit to do with what the children decides. But friends, school and the surroundings makes a huge effect about what the child does in life.

  4. 1. They are more violent and bloody.

    2. He gives an example in the text that there are advertisements for luxury cars but that doesn't mean that everybody has one.

    3. I don't think it make much diffrens. They can still get a firearm and belive me, if they can't get one they will find a way any way. That sounded quite stupid, but we are smart and we always find a way to do illegal things.


    1. That young people are easy to influence and we need to be careful what we do

    2. I don't really know what to think. You should deside what you by your self. If you want to play violent games so do it, just don't do it in real life. It's a game, just a game.

  5. Read and React:

    1. They are much more violent than before.

    2. He states that advertisements goes out to millions of people, everyone might not buy the products they are trying to sell but some will.

    3. Of course it won't change the world overnight, name something that does. -__-'' But it does make a difference! Let's say.. you're extremely angry with your boyfriend/girlfriend because he/she's cheated on you and you want to kill him/her. If it takes you five days to get the gun you might have had the time to cool off and realise you're making a mistake.
    I think that law will prevent at least some crime from happening..

    Reflect and Share:

    1. The culture today isn't just teaching young people that violence is accepted, but that it is expected.

    2. I'm.. still undecided..? I guess it's ok as long as you're being taught (by your parents or someone else) what's right and wrong..? What not to do in real life and so on. Then again, some people might be more sensitive.. or just born evil. (joke) :3

  6. 1. Before children used to write funny and happy fairytales, with no violence and always a happy ending. Now they write about blood, violence and death.

    2. He compares it to television advertising, like, in order to prove itself a brilliant success, an ad campaign need not to sell a given product to every person who sees the commercials. People can still make a huge difference in its sales figures.

    3. Well, it won't work overnight of course.. But it will still be worth implementing, because it might work with some poeple. I don't think many people know how this can effect some people to actually commit crimes by watching violence movies. I think people would agree to make some difference if they knew.

    Reflect and Share

    1. The thesis could be "Good fictitious entertainment can make harm in reality"

    2. It's mostly about the mothering in a child's life I guess. It's the parent's responsibility to make sure their children know that movies can be entertaining but all the violence is wrong and shouldn't be done in reality. But one thing crossed my mind, maybe there is some positive things about showing violence on tv and movies, like to scare people and show then how cruel and horrible it is, to make them think "this is so scary, I would never do the same thing or I would never be that kind of person".

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  8. 1) Many of the stories have been changed. The children used to write happy stories there everything was perfect. Now they write about blood, death, violence and other scary stuff.

    2) He means that a lot of people don’t get influenced by all the violence that shows on tv today. But a few are getting affected by this and they will grow to more. He also gives a example that there are advertisements for very expensive cars but that doesn’t mean that everyone has one.

    3) It doesn’t change anything amidietly but it actually makes a different. It gives you time to really thinking before doing anything stupid.

    Reflect and Share:

    1) That many kids and younger teenagers are easily to get crazy ideas by violence and gore movies. Everyone is different and some are easier to influence than other.

    2) When the children are smaller it is the parents work to raise them and look after them. To teach them what is right and what is wrong, and the different between reality and games, if you dont it would end up badly I think. What also makes an affect on the children is their friends and other people in their surrounding. When the children are growing up and becomes an adult it is their own choice what to do.

  9. 1. Before all the violence on TV, movies, video games and papers the children used to write happy stories about kids stuff but nowadays they write about what they see and hear on TV. They write about blood, death, murders, violence and other wrong things.

    2. He means that even though there is a lot o violence not everyone follows this violence and does the same. It is just a few crazy people who gets affected of what the watch and learns to do the same. And all the other people understands that this is just on TV and not for real. He supports his argument by having a car advertise as an example. Just because there is a very nice car not everyone buys it.

    3. It takes time for this to change, just because you tone down the violent videos it doesn’t mean that all the violence will stop. It is a good start but you have to do more than that. Maybe you should give them more information about what happens and about all the consequences.

    Reflect and Share:

    1. He is trying to show everyone what the video violence is doing to the children and teenagers and that they are getting affected a lot, some of them more than others.

    2. It is the parents responsibility to raise their children in a good way, they have to show them that it is wrong to watch a lot of violence when you are in that age because the kids may misunderstand and think that it is alright to do like this to other people. And it is also important to let them learn the differences between reality and fantasy. When you get older you can take responsibility on your own.

  10. 1) Evrey techer notices that children changes because how they are in school and for example they notice when they wrote bad things aboute blood and some else bad things. Because before it was happy things.

    2) They get affect of all bad thing there is in Tv. But here is a some thats know that it is just TV not real.

    3)Some prisoners dosent change after they have been in jail. We can change time by time becuse this world will not be perfect ever, but it can be better.

    1)That its all Tv fault and some children are getting affected by that.

    2)It is they Parent job to raise the kids good and with moral. If you are raise up with a good family and is good in school then you will not get into bad thing. Parents must have rules for children what is right and wrong. They need to understand the world better and then take responsibility when the kids become independent.